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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News 4PM  ABC  January 26, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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new guidelines released[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> see what is happening this instant from the raleigh eyewitness news center, abc 11 eyewitness news at 4:00 starts now. >> the wheels are still spending on the roads, and bus drivers are being extra cautious on streets uncleared. temperatures near 60 today, more snow melted, but in some areas it is still not gone. >> we are waiting to hear if schools will be canceled tomorrow. let's get straight over to our chief, seeing rain in the
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it will be light rain, not a big deal. rain off to the west right now, overcast skies, clouds increasing. to the west, there is some rain and a cold front on the way. it will make its way eastward, but fall apart a bit. tomorrow as you make your way out, some spots of rain, and notice the temperatures way above freezing. notice how spotty it is through the day, areas of light rain, drizzle in the first half of the day. it may clear in the evening. we have some more warm weather,
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joel: meantime, it is the remnants of snow and ice that keeps buses from rolling. >> people are still struggling, navigating residential streets. angelica alvarez is cruising around in breaking news one, have today's temperatures cleared some of those sidestreets? >> so far. we have not seen too much trouble. we are trying to look at the sidestreets to see if there are snowy areas. in this area, we have not found it. we checked out a lot of neighborhoods on sunday, and today they were melted off and clear. i know we have a lot of w
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are looking for the most part melted, good news for tomorrow. we will keep you updated throughout the newscast. for now, back to you. joel: things looking better, good news. thank you. wake county was one of the only triangle school systems that brought students back today. even with a three hour delay, some parents and students were not happy about the decision and lit up the school's twitter page. we are live in raleigh, where it is still i see there. how are things looking now? did this morning. and slush left. snow.
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feed, lots of ice at bus stops and on roads, many accompanied school. some of the complaining was being done by parents. students say they did not want makeup days to eat into the spring break, but the recall to school was not safe for everyone. >> a couple of people fell this morning trying to come down this hill. some people got stuck on the black ice and whatnot. my neighborhood is really hilly, with a lot of ice because of the shade. >> there wasn't a whole lot of sunshine today. it had a hard time busting
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does not help those shaded streets anyway. we are probably better off today with temperatures in the upper 50's. hopefully tomorrow morning the start won't be as rough for wake county schools. joel: thank you. >> breaking news, reports of a been a false alarm. steve daniels is in the breaking news center. >> we've been tracking this since the naval medical center in san diego went on lock down after the report of an active shooter. now it appears there was no gunman. there were reports of three shots in the basement that response. a hospital has remained on lock down through this afternoon as authorities were going room to room and leading people out of and checking them.
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says this is what they practice for, and it turned out to be a very good real. also, this story in indianapolis, a live feed. look at that school bus that apparently jumped a curb and crashed into this elementary school. one adult has been killed, up to five other people injured. 210-year on children were taken to the hospital. parents are now showing up -- two 10 year old children were taken to the hospital.
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joel: loud chance, -- chants and loud calls for margaret spelling
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governors meetias the action that was the action the head to take to get her out of the room. >> thank you. a lot of those people, the critics say this was a political decision to name margaret spelling, and they must not like a politics. joel: we will see how it goes. >> keeping tabs on uber drivers, behavior now track with cell phones. joel: trapped in her snow-covered car, how a maryland woman survived and images of the rescue.
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break, we go live to the scene, and at 4:30 p.m., the progress of the repairs. first, another live look outside the raleigh eyewitness news center, downright pleasant. 60 degrees, who would have known that you are standing out there in your winter coat a few days
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>> welcome back to eyewitness news, helping more americans save for retirement. the obama administration believes news legislation -- new legislation will give 30 million americans access to retirement savings. among his ideas, offering tax credits to small businesses that enroll employees in retirement plans, requiring employees to offer plans to part-time for companies to bring down expenses. the plan will allow americans to savings. joel: the u.s. has taken another step to improve its relationship with cuba, the treasury department announcing that it is doing away with more restrictions. restrictions on most exports. the u.s. will also allow cuban
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can only travel to cuba under now be allowed to do more while in the country. >> no longer running for president, but george attacking now backing marco rubio -- rubio. he believes that marco rubio has the leadership, vision, and intelligence for the job. southern california as three dangerous men remain on the loose. unlike similar escapes, these guys escaped into densely populated suburban communities where they have close ties. hundreds of officers are focusing on neighborhoods where the trio could be hiding among friends, family, or fellow gang members. they were gone for as long as 16 hours before they were noticed missing. >> it has not been easy to get northeast.
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capital are still closed -- offices in the nation's capital are still close. the subway system is still getting back to normal. in new york, people are still digging out. some buses struggling in the snow, and as the snow melts, flooding is now a concern in parts of the northeast. joel: a woman rescued in maryland after being trapped inside a car that was buried in snow since friday. members of the maryland national guard had to maneuver their vehicles through snow to get to not been plowed. what a nightmare. anna: that is a nightmare. about being stranded on the highway for hours. thank goodness we listened to you. >> you wonder how you get by the snow.
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we all knew it was coming. no worries for any snow for a while today. springlike temperatures today, 60 right now at rdu, and mid-60's to the south, staying mild through the evening hours, upper 40's and low 50's tonight, so not that cold, a fairly mild evening well above freezing. humidity at 51% with a southwest wind at five. a very mild day. kind of weird to be walking around without coats with snow and ice on the ground. 55 roxboro. 63 fayetteville. colder air off to the north and northwest. 29 chicago. 45 memphis. that will be coming our way tomorrow. we will be stuck in the 40's through much of the day. clouds increasing as our next
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out to the west, tennessee, alabama, mississippi, some rain on the light side. this is tracking to the east and will get here by tomorrow morning. tonight, mild comparatively speaking. overnight 40's. temperatures will pretty much hold steady tomorrow through the day. mid 40's at 8:00 and noon, and some rain around, but it won't be heavy or widespread. you see some of that rain coming our way toward sunrise. our model as it falling apart, others a bit more widespread. scattered areas of rain to the day. in the evening hours, it begins to dry out, and may be some clearing temporarily to the northwest. again, spotty areas of rain, especially first half of the
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-- hold it steady. tomorrow night, a break in the evening hours. thursday, some rain, especially south and east of raleigh during the morning, early afternoon hours. further northwest, might be a bit of a problem with colder temperatures, but right now this is chilly rain for ares east of the triangle for a time thursday morning, and then that moves out and we have nice weather to look forward to for the weekend. another round of rain east of the triangle, first part of thursday, 48. friday, near 50, and there it is -- mid 50's saturday, and 60 sunday and monday. this coming weekend will be different than the past weekend. anna: we are grateful. hopefully everybody got it in on the snow stuff. >> we still have some time.
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joel: if you complain to uber about your driver being too reckless, the company can check it out by using that driver cell phone. uber's chief security officer says they are making sure drivers are not behaving badly. the phones can measure small movements, and gps can show how often a vehicle starts and stops. the data is used to verify customer complaints about questionable drivers. >> you think they would have install that in your taxis years ago. joel: uber is doing a lot of things that taxicabs or not. >> and they love it. more freedom and better living conditions. joel: the better -- brand-new shelter that has opened. a mosquito-borne virus spreading
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>> the east end connector project will eat away at property lines, we share the
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announcer: abc 11 keeping you connected.
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page, and click get notifications for the latest updates. joel: the city of rocky mount showing off its brand new digs for its animal service unit, 30 kennels for cats and dogs, and an outdoor area for animals to run around and get fresh air. it costs $150,000 to build. new fears over the zika fire is. the who says the virus is likely to spread to every country in the americas. has rattled caribbean and latin american
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where more than one million people have been affected. back here at home, a couple of entrepreneurs brewing up a fermented tea with major health benefits. anna: they brew it, carbonate over the triangle. landed a major contract with whole foods. now everyone is calling. >> this sweet tea looks almost like liquid gold. >> it's mixed with medicinal and culinary herbs. we don't mix in juices or syrups. >> this small manufacturing space has become a gold mine for local entrepreneurs. >> we have a cooler full of kegs.
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half the stuff in fermentation tanks is sold. >> they start with organic sugar, brew tea, at bacteria and east and let it ferment. what is left is a probiotic drink they carbonate that helps digestion and some claim gives you energy. >> where trying to develop our flavors, so i made sure we stuck with medicinal herbs, things that will make people healthy. >> i can't believe how good it is. there is no funky aftertaste. >> almost every yoga studio, bar, cafe in the west have it. >> they now sell it on site. whole foods decided to sell it at stores across the southeast. >> if the right people hear what we are doing and see how we are doing it, this is an operation
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>> it costs about five dollars a bottle. it will take a few months before you see them at whole foods because they still have to ramp up production. these bottles are really gorgeous and have a local artists -- this one does not have it, but there's another one with the skyline of raleigh on it. you did try. joel: i did. it was light and refreshing, and it is doing some good things. >> don't think about the fermentation stuff on top. just think about the end result. a walter crisis in michigan, all new we look at companies coming to the rescue there. passengers will benefit.
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98 forces a water advisory and stops cars. we will give you an update on where things stand now.
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lotanna: water has been an issue all day along highway 98 after this water main break. we brought you these pictures alive during our morning show. right now, crews are making progress on repairs. crews in wake forest are blaming the weather for that rupture nearby homes. joel: here is a closer look of where it happened on highway 98 drive.
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everyone has had their water restored. >> the water is back on and high 98 has reopened. the folks who live in this area are not out of the woods yet. this is the boiled water advisory they received, and there is no clear in the to win this will be lifted. -- clear end to when this will be lifted. you may notice it was raleigh public work crews there getting everything turned back on. while the city did put a boiled water advisory out, folks tell us they don't have a good idea of when it will be lifted. >> doorbell rang at 8:00 this morning, she went crazy, and it was someone from the town saying make sure you don't use the
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it for a minute, and it did not give an estimate of when it would be good again, but at least they were scaring people off to make sure they were safe. >> folks say this boiled water advisory tells them that they need to keep on boiling the city does a bacteriological tests and gives them the all clear. that needs to be at least 24 hours, so these folks will be boiling their water for a while. at least they have their water back on, and that is confirmed. back to you. joel: boiling water, but fortunate to have it on, thank you. meantime, a gofundme page has now been started to get a popular rally death raleigh barbecue joint running again. the owner crash through the
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the popular lunch spot, we are there live now. you talk to the owner. out? >> about a month, he is hoping. behind me is where that driver came crashing into the building. it is boarded up now, but on the ground there is insulation from the roof, to the right a pile of cinder that came crashing down. the driver hit the building so hard that some of the cinderblocks landed on the opposite side of the building. let's take a look on the other side. it is smashed in. the driver was in a pickup truck and ran off the road after hitting a patch of ice. the side of the building is where the electrical wiring is located. the driver was not hurt, and the
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>> he hit the main panel box head on. for that box not to blow up and set the building on fire was a miracle purity -- was a miracle. >> very lucky. as we mentioned, a city inspector was here today, an insurance inspector, as well as a contractor. a gofundme page has been set up to pay for the repairs. there is information for that on our website at joel: even with a deep snow from the tribal northward, temperatures got into the 50's, even 60's to the south, a mild day. some changes for tomorrow, but your evening will be dry. temperatures will fall only through the 40's.
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mild evening, just a jacket is all you will need. 60 at rdu. 59 lewisburg. low to mid 60's south, almost springlike. tomorrow morning, clouds, rain, temperatures not going anywhere. we will stay through the mid- noon hour. best shot at some scattered areas of rain during the morning hours tomorrow. afternoon, mostly cloudy skies. highs in the mid to upper 40's, close to 50 south and knees. some areas of rain in the morning. seasonably cool friday and saturday, but at 5:00 we will temperatures on the way. those temperatures we had today patches of ice. north. temperatures here helping our
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in new york, things looking good and times square. you can see a lot of people on the streets now. roads are open, traffic borough, and today mother nature helping out. temperatures are expected to rise, a good situation, but many worried about this weekend. hitting the area again. most off our models keeping
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maybe some snowfall and upper state new york. no major accumulations anywhere. we will have more on the fall expected -- thaw expected this weekend. anna: the department of transportation ones to give you a direct connection between highway 70 and the durham freeway. the work already under way on the east end connector. we spoke with people living in the area already frustrated with the project. >> flooding is a big concern for the folks here. one homeowner contacted us to say that is exactly what they are worried about when it comes project. this creek runs through several yards and neighbors say this is what it looks like after a heavy
4:34 pm
this home owner contacted us, worried that the east end connector project will make things work. the director of the department of transportation said they did an evaluation and that the impact is negligible. sylvia and her neighbors are so worried about this watered diverging into the creek. >> we are not trying to cause problems for anybody or stop the project, but what we are asking for is for the government institutions involved in this project to conclude -- including the department of transportation, city of durham, and other entities to come together and work with homeowners in order to create a different diversion route for the water and not at more water, which will further cause damage
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heavy equipment that they have to make some structural repairs to the creek that runs to his neighborhood. >> sylvia and her neighbors simply don't want the floodwaters rising more than they have. joel: thank you. just announced, a panthers fan rally on friday in charlotte. it will start at noon, players are expected to be at the rally. this will be a chance for fans to get in on the super bowl of excitement and give the players a proper sendoff as we get more information about the event, we will share it with you. our super bowl team packing up for the big game. we've been with the panthers since the start of the season and we will be live in santa clara for super bowl 50. our special live coverage starts on sunday when the team arrives, and we will be there all week long.
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online at -- at can you feel the excitement? anna: i can. it was so fun. joel: i think the discord again, another interception -- i think they just scored again, another interception. anna:joel: still ahead, doctors out with new recommendations about how early and often to be tested for depression. who is most at risk? anna: a man tries to lure children into his van and it turns into a chaise. how one girl may have saved others lies. joel: people in south carolina suffering from lucas, many may not know it. why it is so hard to diagnose
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anna: let's go outside. this is the raleigh skyline. it's not nasty and gloomy, 60 degrees, springlike. we are in for big changes for
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lost productivity is estimated to be $23 billion in 2011. celebrities like nick cannon and selena gomez have brought attention to lupus. joel: most people don't know what it is or how common it is. we share one woman's story to shed light on the suffers of cruel mystery. >> lupus a -- a lupus diagnosis was a long time coming.
4:41 pm
things or saying that you are too young to have this, we don't understand what's going on. >> this is a common occurrence since the disease can look different from person to person. >> they can look like so many different things, manifesting itself in unconnected symptoms. >> some symptoms from joint pain, headaches, to mouth ulcers. the most difficult one has been the extreme fatigue. >> i am exhausted most of the time. >> she pushes herself as best she can, relying on her husband, trying to make the best of her situation. >> the one thing i never do is get down about it. you can change it or do anything about it. >> she has to take as many as 20 pills a day to prevent her body from attacking itself. >> it causes inflammation within
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>> while there is no cure, they hope that will change one day. that's why she and her family members take part in events to raise awareness and funding for research and local services. joel: thank you. 90% of patients with lupus are women. the disease usually develops between 15-44, but takes 3-5 years to diagnose. we help to put together helpful facts and a look at common lupus is one of those things you don't hear about a lot, so you wish them luck with raising awareness. anna: a baby just could not wait. where the child stopped traffic and who came to the rescue. joel: plus, the cell phone giant making some customer service
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debris, cranes on barges to pull the debris out. anna: a fiery police chase caught on camera because a 13-year-old girl knew something was not right. a man tried to lure to children into that van by asking for help. the teenager sensed something was wrong, ran away, call 911. officer spotted the man, the driver forced to stop because the vehicle caught on fire. they had to pull him to safety and rescue his dog. no one was hurt. joel: nearly half of u.s.
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report from consumer intelligence research partners estimates membership jumped to 54 million, 35%. memberships cost $99 a year and come with free to-day overnight shipping on many items as well as access to amazon streaming video. anna: slashing jobs as it tries to cut costs and turn around its business. customers may notice effects. many layoffs and customer service. a spokesperson said they cut 2500 jobs since last fall. they notified employees last week that six customer cover centers were closing or reducing staffing. jetblue wants its claims to be spacious, modern, and entertaining.
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they plan to include in-seat power outlets. you can also enjoy free wi-fi. jetblue will remodel the planes and finish by 2019. joel: transgender athletes could be allowed to compete and summer olympic games without gender reassignment surgery. it could be a milestone. transgender athletes have been allowed in the olympics since 2004, but only after surgery and two years of hormone therapy. the rule change says anatomically male competitors must prove testosterone levels have been below a certain benchmark to compete in female they must also declare female
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anna: super bowl 50 is not all about the players and who wins the game, hopefully the panthers. a lot of people turn in -- tune
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amyanna: they cannot hire all the big stars and big names, who do we love?
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we are still tracking developing stories. joel: steve daniels has a look right now in the breaking news center. anna: we are watching the live feed from the scene of a deadly school blush -- bus crash, children injured. also, an update on the icy patches on the roads. schools make their way -- school buses make their way on slushy, icy roads. were also getting school delays just coming in for tomorrow. >> is outside our downtown raleigh studio, 60 degrees. chris: temperatures got into the 50's, some mid-sixties to the south, a set back tomorrow, cooler and rain.
4:49 pm
warm tempter's come back, coming up. >> sounds good. we will see you in a few minutes. anna: thanks. a new yorker stopping traffic home and she is not even a day old. the nypd tweeted this picture of a girl delivered on fdr tried -- drive. the infant was taken to the ok. thankfully, there was a total transportation van in new york city. they were able to get her and get her to the hospital. joel: it helps when everybody else is off the road. meantime, icy roads creating dangerous situations across the state. see what happens when a driver hit a slick spot. anna: i wife blamed for running over her husband.
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as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, loss of bladder control or muscle weakness can be a sign of a life-threatening condition. don't take botox if you can't empty your bladder on your own or have a urinary tract infection, or uti. side effects may include allergic reactions, injection site pain, fatigue, uti, painful urination and difficulty emptying your bladder. tell your doctor your medical history. muscle or nerve conditions, medications including botulinum toxins, antiplatelets and blood thinners, may increase the risk of serious side effects.
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anna: developing right now, a woman rent over her husband in northwest charlotte. she was backing out at 9:30 a.m. when she hit him. her husband may have been did not see him. he was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. joel: a 19-year-old shot in the
4:53 pm
the teenager later died during surgery at a hospital. on monday morning, police say another man was shot and killed. a warrant has been issued for the arrest of 28-year-old -- anna: police say a patch of ice caused a driver to crash into a tree this morning. the victim is in the hospital this afternoon with serious injuries. joel: the faa is investigating after a banner from a helicopter fell on a home. investigators say that the helicopter disconnected the banner because of the mechanical problem. the woman was watching football on television when she saw it land on the home.
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anna: seafood buffet, $29.99. that is going to do it for us. let's get you caught up on today. race with steve and -- let's get you caught up on today's stories with steve and tisha. steve: happening now, first at 5:00, some schools open, others remained closed for a third school day. tisha: you see i see traveling on that slushy road in wake county. good evening. i am tisha powell. steve: in steve daniels. --i'm steve daniels. how is the high out there
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